Going Through These Things More Than Twice – 5

In the 70s, the ‘Breast is Best’ campaign flooded the airwaves.  Women were to breast feed their children.

There were no nutritional levels required.  The mother with serious deficiencies was encouraged to pass them to their children.

Previously,  bottle feeding was touted because the ‘formula’  would contain all the vitamins required and could be designed for each child.

Having experienced the dangers of such an independent healthy population, it was decided to push breast feeding.  

Those who were not aware of nutritional lacks, those who were sheep and followed without thought would slap the child to the breast and  create a population of weaker, less healthy, less intelligent off spring.

This was the desire.

Those who knew their medical situation,  who were intelligent,  would not breast feed.  They used one of the many formulas to insure a healthy child.


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