Give it Time – 33

Mike had pretty much decided to decline the invitation to the Amusement Park  as he drove to work. After all, he was a big time lawyer.  How would it look? 

When he got into the elevator on his way up he greeted a few seniors who entered with him.  They were talking about the party some major celebrities were having at the amusement park tonight.

The names were a who’s who.

Mike was stunned.  As he wandered out he began to wonder who Emily was.  Obviously she wasn’t a nobody, obviously she came from somewhere.   He’d never asked her history, done any kind of background check, just accepted her as herself.

When he entered the office, as he saw her, he smiled, gave the thumb’s up and nodded.

She mouthed; “Okay” and then; held up one hand, fingers separated, then closed her hand and raised one. He read it as six p.m. nodded, and went his way, she went her’s.

If he hadn’t overhead that conversation in the elevator he would have put paid to a budding relationship and various networking opportunities.


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Written by jaylar

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