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I love listening to different types of music.  Music makes me feel good.  I listen to international music, pop, rock, and music in Spanish.  I have learned to honor how I feel.  I always know that I need music when I feel anxious or stressed out.  I have also learned that before dinner, I am in a crabby mood.  I don’t like talking to anyone, especially when I am making my salad.  I am the most annoying in between meals.

My glucose has a lot to do with it.  Having diabetes has forced me to be more in touch with my body.  Now I know what I need, and when I need it.  Before, skipping meals was an option.  Now, if I skip meals, I know I will get sick.

By honoring myself, taking care of myself, and acknowledging how I feel, I am in fact performing a divine act.  I am honoring God, by taking care of myself.  If I haven’t met my own needs, I can’t expect to be of any service to anyone else.  So, taking care of myself must come first, if I am to give anything I have to anyone else.  You can’t give from an empty vessel.  You can only give when you are overflowing in energy, and abundance.

Everything is a process.  For me, as a creative person, I get ideas from other creative people.  Being in their energy helps me.  Whether I listen to music, read, or remember a dream, I am constantly being inspired.

I don’t try, or force myself to do anything.  This process must be effortless for it to be fruitful.  When people have, what is called writer’s block, it is simply because they are overthinking, and trying to hard.  They are in a rut, but they don’t realize they have been stuck for quite some time.

If you remember who you are, it is easier to get un-stuck.  Some people just call it, “to flow.”  Flowing means that you must take the time to get to know yourself.  For some people a break-up forces them to look inward.  For others, the loss of a job, forces them to consider other avenues to explore.

Me, I am just the queen of leisure.  I always flow.  That’s the way it’s always been for me.  I love having fun, and I always know what I want.  I guess I am living a dream, without sleeping.

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Written by Maria Ayala

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