European cities

Luebeck, Germany

Through aerodorom Libeka most travelers pass when going to Hamburg, which is surprising, considering that this city is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and is often described as the “Venice of the Baltic”. Luebeck is full of medieval buildings and narrow streets, and in the old town there are seven churches, of which the oldest Liebeck Cathedral and the Church of St. Mary from the 13th and 14th centuries. Fans will not resist sweets marzipan, after which the Luebeck widely known.

Segovia, Spain

Beautiful view from the double arches aqueduct from the first century, which dominates the central square is enough reason to pay a visit to this charming city. Remains of Roman civilization in addition no more, but to be underestimated is neither imposing medieval architecture of the palaces and cathedrals to monasteries and taverns.

Nantes, France

Some buildings are new, such as the Palace of Justice, and many are historical, including former warehouses that are eventually converted into cafes and art studios. Nantes is full of parks and gardens, and across Europe is known for some of the best symphony orchestras of France.

Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo is known primarily thanks to the well-preserved old town on a steep hill above the modern city. From there you have a beautiful panorama of the city and the environment. In his twisted streets you can taste delicious ice cream, walk near the river Serio, a city can also serve as an excellent ‘base’ to explore Lombardije.


Spain Vitoria overshadowed Bilbao and San Sebastian, Vitoria is often unjustly neglected. From early evening until midnight, Mediterranean atmosphere at its central squares becomes extremely lively – while older people playing cards, a children climb the stairs of the old churches, the rest of the population after a long day enjoying the walks and excellent wine. Be sure to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Vitoria in the 13th century.

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