Discussion on Colonialism with 3 Americans

Monday, July 26, 2021

A Jewish-American comedian, Palestinian-American Lawyer, and Native American Lyla June discuss “Colonialism breaks what Creator has made.” The Native Americans and Palestinians have been through the same or similar form of colonialism by the Zionists stealing their land.

“Dehumanization is the root of injustice.”

“Animals are our relatives.”

“Food and Colonization.”

Indigenous food keeps people alive.

Native People are a sustainable culture, while Zionists aren’t a sustainable culture, which is because they don’t have a culture.

Global collapse going on?

Greenwashing in Palestine by Zionist Israel to intentionally destroy and erase Palestine.

Displacement, replacement and disorientation

Land Back & Back to the Land

Lyla’s awakening on Palestine

Learning not to judge and how to forgive.

Process is more important than outcome.

Don’t become Goliath while trying to fight him.

How to get involved in Land Back Movement.


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