Demotivation – 6

Demotivation does not only exist at work; it can be found in clubs, teams, religious congregations.

When people who want to be part of the group are made to feel like  warts, they become demotivated. They cease to care about the group.

Often, the newbie enters the new venue. Maybe a bit hesitant. The  Newbie returns, and if feeling ‘part’of the group, attendance continues.

If, as is usual, the ‘royalty’ of the group makes the newbie feel like dirt, attendance wanes and maybe ceases.

Many people who ‘never missed’ a meeting in the first years are absent after a change  of leadership. This is because they are made to feel unwelcome.

It is standard that insecure and inferior people fight for leadership so as to oppress others.  Being put in  charge of a group brings out the worst in them.

Newbies who cease to come are not really noticed. When  more senior members  go missing, it is usually  the feeling of unappreciation which manifests as demotivation.

This kills many organisations.

The  ‘Royalty’, those who hold ‘power’ will dwindle and there is no replacement. The ‘new blood’ has gone.

The Organisation soon disappears.


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