Dealing with An Owned Man – Ken (3)

To maintain control, Winsome monitored Ken’s contacts.   To be blunt, he was no longer allowed to communicate with anyone beyond her purvey.

If he was on the computer or phone,  if Winsome perceived it was a personal conversation, she would demand’ Ken’s attention,  demanding he do this or that, behaving as if she was unaware he was talking to another.   

If Ken didn’t instantly cut the conversation but told HER  to wait,  she would go off into a long very loud blather, either demanding to personally apologise to the person Ken was communicating with,  getting into a long discussion with that person, or,   going on  about  some topic so loud that the neighbours, could hear.

The obvious response was for  Ken to  truncate whatever conversation he was having.

As with any abuser/victim;  anyone who Ken spoke with was a threat  to Winsom.

Winsome, as any abuser, female or male, needs to segregate the victim from any and everyone who might be able to influence him.  Anyone who might  recognise and repeat what was being done.

Once a popular ‘go to’ guy, within in year of his marriage to Winsome, he was  forgotten.  

Those who had been his friends shared war stories of how they had called Ken, were on the phone or computer, and then loud, in the background came Winsome’s voice,  demanding on and on until the conversation was cut.  Within a year, the only person he was allowed to associate with  is Winsome.

Winsome Owns him.


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