Dealing with an Owned Man – Ken (1)

How he became involved with Winsome was not suspicious.  Ken had a lot of friends, belonged to a number of groups,  and met Winsome.

It was a comfortable relationship as she got along well with his friends and so she was virtual family from the start.  

Although he did notice a few quirks in her personality, they didn’t distract him.  As time passed, he noticed a few more, and decided to end the relationship. But Winsome was pregnant.   She made a drama out of it and worked on his guilt so he married her.

Winsome married Ken and although he was the breadwinner, she knew how to control him.

She knew how to play the victim.   She knew how to describe  a situation in which he would appear the villian.

The most necessary thing in Winsome’s control of Ken was to prevent him from communicating with his friends.  His friends would see her manipulations, his friends would expose her plot. So she had to cut them out.


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Written by jaylar

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