Dealing with an Owned Man – Herbert – 4

Herbert sat on the front steps, waiting for Teresa to return.   Finally she did.

Seeing him, she began shouting from the gate and he shouted back;  “Just give me my things and I’ll leave,”  as angry and cold as she had made him.

Suddenly, Teresa said, in a normal voice;  “You are over reacting!”  

Herbert was confused.  

She’d attacked him in front of everyone at the supermarket.  She’s shouted at him from the gate.  Now, she was acting as if she had done nothing.  

Angry, embarrassed,  as he got inside, grabbed up his things.

Teresa started to cry.  It wasn’t a sad cry, it was a loud, hystercal bawling to catch more attention.

Herbert wished he could disappear.


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Written by jaylar

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