Elizabeth and Raymond continued their lives.  On occasion they might share a meal, but most often they lived on different schedules,  sometimes not seeing each other for days.

Neither thought of Louis or their grand children.

They kept their lawn well trimmed, they went to the market, sometimes together, sometimes not and were polite to those they met.  

Raymond died, fortunately, in the kitchen, so that Elizabeth would discover the body only a few hours after death.

She called Emergency, then Louis.

As it would be expected, she went with Raymond’s body to the hospital,  then contacted their lawyer.

Raymond left his share of the house to her, but made a number of monetary gifts to persons she had never known as well as one to their son.

Cremation was chosen, and his ashes scattered in the back garden as he requested.

There was no dislocation in Elizabeth’s life.


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Written by jaylar

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