Dead Love – 13

When Elizabeth became pregnant, she ate extra healthy, did everything right for herself.

As she didn’t want attention at work, she spoke to her Boss.  They decided that instead of her taking her  long accrued leave,  she  would work at home online.  

This meant, although she stopped coming to the office at the end of her fourth month, she continued to fulfill her duties.  She would take leave after the child was born.

Elizabeth and her husband, Raymond, went to one of the ‘labour’ classes.  He decided he did not wish to be present at the birth, so she changed her class to one for singles.

The months passed and Elizabeth went into labour while Raymon was at work.   She called an ambulance.   Raymond was phoned by the hospital staff.

When he arrived and told it could be six more hours, he went home.  

Raymond returned when Elizabeth was in the delivery room.  He had no interest in going in.  

He waited until the baby was born, saw him, then left.  


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Written by jaylar

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