Dawn's Light – The Rich get Richer

When Covid-19 hit, and countries were locked down, the price of oil plunged.  This was great news for the average person.  Not good for the capitalists who had millions invested.

As the stock market tumbled, the average person didn’t notice but Trump and his big money friends did.  They were losing millions of dollars.

So Trump did what he is good at; lie.

He tossed a remark that he’d spoken to Russia and Saudi Arabia to put aside their differences and cut production by 10 Million barrels.

Those who have watched Trump over the years knew he was lying, as he has certain ‘tells’.  There was no agreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia.  But the average guy didn’t know it.  The average guy and those millionaires Trump doesn’t talk to, were buying up every share they could and the market surged.

Those who were selling their shares recouped their losses and made a bit of profit.

And then; surprise surprise, there was no agreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

It was a lie. A lie which allowed Trump and his pals to sell their stock at a good price, make a profit and walk away.


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