Dawn's Light – Huff and Puff


North Korea fires more rockets, Iran sends up a military satellite.  The Taliban yawns at American threats.  

Standard in the world of 2020,

The Blustery Bag of Wind can babble what he chooses,  make threats, no one need listen.  

Like the loud mouthed Bully in 5th Grade, it’s only the little kids who take him seriously.  Those in 6th Grade push him down the steps if he gets in the way.

It only takes a brief conversation, or even a glance at a news conference to know that the POTUS is one confused guy experiencing Alzheimer.

Never before has North Korea been so active, nor Iran so bold.  They know that the Clown in Chief has a brief attention span and if he says it is raining, the fact the sun is brilliantly in the sky will not have him change his mind.

If he decrees North Korea will send up no new rockets or that Iran will not trouble American vessels, it’s accomplished.

As many spoiled children who were never properly toilet trained he sees himself as real and everyone else as phantoms.

Hopefully, the world will take advantage of America’s distraction to make their own treaties and trade deals so that by the time Trump is gone America will be a second level power needing to fix itself and leaving the rest of the world alone.


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