Dawn's Light – Equal?

Years ago, I wrote an article about Trouble Shooting A Business.  I mentioned that as a short cut I gave certain names to particular employees who performed in a negative manner.

I mentioned the front desk clerk at a Five Star Hotel I named “Keisha” who ignored the guests in front of her while she babbled on the phone.

Instantly I was attacked by a Black American Woman for being ‘Racist’ as no Black Woman could be a Front Desk Clerk at a Five Star Hotel.

I sat before the screen, stunned.  

I live in Jamaica.  I don’t hide it.  I mention it.  In Jamaica we have had a Black Woman as Prime Minister.   We have Had a Black Woman as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  We currently  have a Black Woman as Director of Public Prosecutions.

This is real.

How could a Black Woman desire to live in the United States where the idea of a Black Woman being a front desk clerk at a Hotel seems impossible?

More recently, an Actor wrote a play using the term “Moor”  as one would “Negro.”

I wrote him, explained to him who the Moors were.  How powerful they were.  In fact, until recently 1 Duke Street in Kingston was owned by the Women’s Self Help which was created in the 1800s to teach redeemed white women who had been captured and enslaved by the Moors.

He slapped away my reference to history because he, as so many Black people in America have been brainwashed to believe in the weakness of Black people.  

One doesn’t need to enslave people who enslave themselves; victims of Mental Slavery.


What do you think?


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