Cutting the Coords – Pamela – 1

Timmy was a guy everyone automatically liked.   He made people smile.  If they only saw him once and awhile, they would never see his flaws.

Pamela had loved him, thought he loved her.  They  married, soon had a child,  Tammy, a mix of Timmy and Pam.  

For the first  years, Pam worked, Tim didn’t.   Pam paid for everything.  She wasn’t upset.   Tim could be a house husband.  He could stay home and mind Tammy.

Pam thought things were fine until, one day, she learned Tim had left two year old Tammy alone in the house to visit a friend.

When she got home and confronted Tim, he grinned and acted as if it were an insignificant  joke.  Having lived with him for three years, Pam didn’t bother arguing. She would drop Tammy at a creche.

When Tammy was three, Pam got her into a Basic school near their home and paid the teacher extra to hold her until she arrived from work.

At six, Tammy entered Primary school.  She had friends who would walk with her to and from school and she could stay with them when she came home.

When Tammy was seven  Tim finally got a job.  Had his own money.  And he spent it on women.

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