Cultural pluralism

I have read this phrase in several contexts from education to the human services and it really does mean the same thing.  It just depends on what field and how you use it as a teacher or social worker.

Cultural pluralism is a theory that assumes that educators and other professionals will respect the children’s or whomever ethnic heritages and provide for their preservation while they are assimilated into mainstream classrooms or other settings in American culture (Zintz, 1989).

C is for culture, of course

U is for understanding others ideas

L is for language of others

T is for teaching others

U is for undertaking various rules of the road, so to speak

R is for reading others words

A is for active learning

L is for listening to others

P is for planning

L is for longevity of learning

U is for undertaking activities to learn more about others,

R is for reassuring others we all learn differently

A is for acculturation of cultures

L is for looking at others more closely as well

I is for intelligence to understand

S is for study

M is for memory.


What do you think?


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