Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 16

The reality of Jade is that  her brain and mouth were unconnected.   She could proclaim she ‘had to be at work at ten…”   yet flop on the veranda all day into the night.

Sometimes I wondered if she didn’t make the dichotomy between words and actions to provoke my questions.  In truth, I wouldn’t disturb my harmony to ask her anything.  

Whether Jade was playing Miss Friendly or her usual repulsive self, I didn’t need to find out.

Having begun my litany of Jade’s insane behaviour  my friends needed to hear every ‘chapter.’  A few hadn’t believed me, so had to physically  stop by just to see her and the cats.   They were wise enough to get her to babble and boast.

The Sultans eating at the restaurant she operated, (which served pork)  was a top joke.  Jade was too stupid to know that Muslims didn’t eat pork and wouldn’t eat at a place which was not ‘Halal’.

Often I was asked why I didn’t move and I’d admit the nearness to my work place was a plus, but  having never seen anyone like Jade I was entranced.


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