Church Scams

Jamaica has more churches per square inch than any where else in the world.   It also has the highest rate of children born out of wedlock.

The majority of churches are connected to no established branch of Christianity;  they are make it up as you go along scams.

Many of these churches are led by a scammer who knows how to rip off the members.   The members are often those who confuse menopause with salvation.

It is normal to see an older women shrieking and going into spirit who had six childen for eight different men,  (meaning she told different men they were the father and they believed her until they didn’t.)

Church scams are the most popular in Jamaica.  They are easy to run and as many Jamaicans want to be ‘Christians’ (whatever that is to them)  the loudest church tends to get the most members paying the highest tithes.

As many people are kind of mentally dulled they will enter one of these places, no mask, no social distancing, and war against the police who try to enforce the various Covid-19 rules.

As the members think they are immune or protected,  they get Covid and die and have big funerals, which are also against the law, where Covid can be spread.

Trying to reason with these people is not merely a waste of time, but can prove dangerous.


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Written by jaylar

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