Censorship – 3

Beyond obscenities or other such words, those who control the media create their own limitations.   

This media supports that candidate or that political flavour or those people, so nothing positive about the other candidate or other political philosophy or the other set of people can be presented.

To pretend Covid-19 is under control this media house leaves out a large number of cases.   

That media  casts non-whites as criminals and thugs which makes murdering them perfectly justified.  

Hence truth is limited.

If there were no limits than people would say what they thought.   People would and easily expose themselves as racists, Islamaphobes, limiters of freedom,  etc.   One would be able to judge based on facts.

 ‘Politically correct’  self censorship allows those who support the Ku Klux Klan, for example, to mask behind neutral terms.  This new style allows the worst people to pass as average because they never said any of the ‘magic’ words.

In this way, you can’t know for a fact who this is, what is really believed.  In the 1950s, for example,  hearing a statement made by a Georgia Governor instantly exposed his racial bias. 

 By erecting this special wall of Censorship he can use his neutral terms and deceive those who don’t know that the word ‘Great’ , for example mean ‘White’.  


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