Can't Do Better – 13

When you are about to let someone into your life, do a check.

Do they have real friends?  Do they have family?  

Don’t listen to their boasts about who they know or are related to.  Real people don’t need to boast.  Those whom I label ‘Can’t Do Better’  have to.  They have to mask their pathetic empty lives, their ugly personalities.

Don’t ever believe people who brag and make claims.  If they have friends, you need to see them.   Don’t pay attention when they babble about family; you must confirm.

People who I label as ‘Can’t Do Better’  have no friends or family.  They may have acquaintances who might have use for them on occasion, but they have no one in their lives.

They have no one because they are abominable creatures who have hurt everyone around them, so there is no one around them.


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Written by jaylar

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