Canadians March in Solidarity with Indigenous Canadians

Friday, 7.2.21

In Canada, a dark controversy haunt many Canadians on Canada Day. Canada Day was on July 1st, and many people refuse to celebrate that day because of all the indigenous people, mostly kids, who were mass buried on sites near churches. 

There are many videos about the history of the Indigenous People in Canada, but I chose a couple of videos to summarize this dark situation.

There have already been three churches that were recently burned down via arson attacks. 

#1 Another church on fire after unmarked graves found near indigenous residential school in Canada

Friday, July 2, 2021

In Cranbrook, Canada, another church was burned down after bodies were discovered under unmarked graves near the indigenous residential school. St. Jean Baptiste Parish Church is the latest arson attack on churches in Canada. From the 1,100+ dead people were found, 182 bodies were found near the Cranbrook residential school, 751 bodies were found in unmarked graves in Cowessess, and 215 bodies found in a mass burial site near the old Kamloops Indian Residential School site. The mass burial site mostly had children’s dead bodies.


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