Bunga Boy -30

The most fascinating aspect of a Bunga Boy is his ability to self destruct.

No matter how good his situation, how wonderful his benefactor, for some reason the innate slime of a Bunga Boy always rises to the surface.

There are Bunga Boys who have lived with women who loved them, yet would pop into bed with the  local slam and don’t understand why their benefactor is unhappy.

There are Bunga Boys who will steal pennies from their benefactor who is giving them dollars.

A Bunga Boy can ruin anything, and in the most ridiculous ways.   The benefactor is stunned by the action or words of the Bunga Boy,  such actions, such words that termination of the relationship is virtually automatic.

By the time a Bunga Boy is in his forties he is an absolute failure, having no one, nothing.   

Some with no one to live off of are on the street.


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Written by jaylar

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