Bunga Boy – 25

This capture of a wealthy but imbalanced woman is the acme of the Bungaboy’s program.  

It seems evident that any woman who would become involved with a Bungaboy, considering his lack of education, culture,  intellect, has certain mental problems.

He is not the gigolo she can show off or the well behaved beach boy who can escourt to functions, he is not even the rentadread who can enable her to gain entrance to venues and acceptance into local societies.

This is a man of extremely low rank.   He is not that attractive, not intelligent, not educated, not cultured, not fey with society.  

That a woman of some means would hire him as her gardiner is questionable, much less insert him into her home.

This is why most Bunga Boys go after the mentally imbalanced woman.


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Written by jaylar

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