Bunga Boy – 24

Some Bungaboys avidly search for the ‘unbalanced’ older woman.   The woman with all sorts of mental or societal problems.  The kind of woman who seems a little whacky.

He targets women who should be under supervision because no matter what he does she can NOT be a reliable witness.

He labours to get into her life, learning how to play her; how to calibrate her moods her desires and fears.

It may take him some time to accurately assess her, to know what to say and when, and in some cases, most of his labour might be to keep her from other people. He can not allow witnesses.   

He learns how to poison her mind against those who might be able to expose him, he knows how to plant ideas and responses.  

The longer he stays with her, the more he can take.

Unless she has family or long time friends who can override him, she will be his victim for as long as he determines.


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Written by jaylar

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