Branko Radičević

Branko was one, and the first is the joy created so that, thanks to him, the youth, in itself, pupil’s life, schoolbag love and youth in general, become with us one, one from each recognized poetic part of life.” ( Miloš Crnjanski) “Branko poetry meant a whole revolution in our poetry, which has long been cold, impersonal, an academic, scholarly, dead.

A young, impetuous, sincere, without on any matter of tradition, singing themselves, their personal feelings, their experiences, warm, sincere, enthusiastic; his youthful cheerfulness is not hiding in stiff tones of a formalist poetry, his love for adventure deadens not considerations of morality and “good povedenija”.

His lyrical poems light, non-permanent, mischievous, witty and he’s in them your lyrics and beats from youthful strength and a remarkable freshness. “(Tihomir Ostojic) On this day in 1824. in Slavonski Brod was born in one of the most important Serbian poets of Romanticism, Branko Radičević. Was baptized with the name of Alexius, who will in 1847, on the eve of the release of the first collection of poems changed to Branko. He was one of the most loyal followers of Vuk’s reform.

He studied law and medicine in Vienna, he knew German, Latin, Greek, Czech and Slovak. He has written three books of poems (the third was published posthumously in 1862), but is still one of the most read our poets. He died prematurely in 1853 in Vienna. Branko’s mortal remains, at his request, were transferred to Stražilovo, 1883.

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