Better Unsaid – 4

When Mae had seen Max standing in the lobby she froze.   He raced to her, embraced her and she played along. She felt so  nervous, so guilty.

She ‘knew’  she must tell Max about her fling with Devon.

But she didn’t.  

She let the evening progress in sweet style.  Racing  to her flat, making passionate love, and Max, asking her to marry him.  

She had screamed ‘Yes!!!”

The next day, she raced to work and quit.  Then she and  Max married  at the Registrar’s Office.  

They went back to her flat  packed her things, then to the airport.

From the airport Mae called her best friend, Lela, gave her the news,  told her where the key was left and that she could take everything in the flat she wanted.

Then it was time to board the flight and Max and Mae were soon flying overseas.


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Written by jaylar

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