Better Unsaid – 3

Forty two years ago,  Max had been sent over seas and Mae was  left in the city.  

Max said he would send for her.  

Time passed.  

Contact between them got less and less.   Mae had begun to reassess.  Begun to assume the relationship between them was over.

A flirty good looking guy worked in her office…

what was his name?  

Mae pondered for nearly a minute before recalling the name  Devon!

Yes, Devon.

Devon worked with her. Had been there every time she felt alone or angry when she couldn’t get in touch with Max.

More out of resentment than lust, Mae had a fling with Devon.

It wasn’t a big deal, it didn’t even feel like adultery.

Two days after that night,  suddenly Max appeared.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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