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It isn’t your job to fix people.  Only a truly damaged person, will ask you to fix them.  Chances are, when they ask, they won’t be asking, they will be yelling at you to fix them.  Why do they yell?  They have become so damaged, that their only fear is that of healing.  They identify so much with being an emotional vampire, that they wear that label as a kind of badge of honor.  They don’t want to heal themselves because they won’t take any responsibility for their actions, much less their feelings.

These are the types of people that start cleaning the house when something bothers them, instead of talking about their feelings, or simply sitting with their feelings.

Being surrounded by toxic people, you will learn to fly, but only through God’s grace.  I was watching the movie Saved!  on Monday night.  I have seen this movie many times, as it is one of my favorites.  Maculay Culkin stars in this movie, and it was great to see his range, as he is also the star of my favorite movie of all-time, Home Alone. 

This movie has so much truth in it, without being preachy.  We are not responsible for saving anyone.  We can only save ourselves.  However, it is our responsibility to set the right example for people, especially if we are parents.  Being “right” with God, doesn’t mean following all the rules, all of the time.  It means examining our conscience all the time, and doing right by it.

It means, that if we are going to do someone a favor, we shouldn’t do so begrudgingly.  We shouldn’t leave someone hanging, when we know for a fact that they can’t rely on anyone else, but us.  We shouldn’t promise things we don’t plan on delivering and then try and change our minds at the last minute, by showing up late, on the other side of the church were you agreed to meet them.

We are all multidimensional beings, but must of us have not awakened to our true potential.  We are still busy with obsessing over our image, that we forget that image alone only makes us hypocrites in disguise.

I don’t know about you, but I am awakened to my mission.

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Written by Maria Ayala

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