April 6th …The day when Belgrade was bombed

On April 6th, 77 years have passed since early morning on 6 April 1941, by bombing Belgrade, Germany attacked the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the Second World War.The April attack without publication of the war was Hitler’s retribution for March 27, 1941.Because of the signing of an agreement with Germany, the Cvetkovic-Maček government is down.

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That bombing was a matter of Hitler’s his personal revenge, “said German Field Marshal Evald von Kleist at the trial after the war.

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The attack on Belgrade started on 6 April at 6.30 in the morning, with more than 200 bombers taking part in the first wave of the attack. In four attacks that day, 484 bombers took part, who threw 360 tons of bombs into the city.  On April 12, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill reported on London radio that the number of victims was about 17,000.The exact number of victims of the bombing of Belgrade has not been accurately determined.

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In the first air raids on April 6, two people were killed and six Yugoslav pilots were wounded. In April, air strikes killed 11 Yugoslav pilots.

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Belgrade was bombed by the Allies in the Second World War, and the most intense allied bombing took place on 16 and 17 April 1944. on Easter.

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Belgrade has been attacked many times, but has never been conquered or subjugated.He was and remained strong, beautiful and proud.


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    • In the war, 500,000 soldiers were killed and more than a million civilians were killed in various ways.Only in Kragujevac on October 21st.1941.around 3000 civilians were shot, among them and 270 children, of which the youngest was 11 years old.