Anton Chekhov

For 44 years of age, half of whom suffered from tuberculosis which he was led to his death, the writer has not only written by famous works (20 volumes of the world’s celebrated prose), but he did a lot of good work, among other things: – He built four village school, bell tower, fire station for the peasants, the road to Lopasnje-opposing p

assive resistance zemstva, arrogance and indifference contractor peasants. – Founded in Taganrog Public Library and presented her with more than 2,000 of his books; for 14 years continually supplemented. – While living in Melikhov each year as a doctor received more than a thousand sick peasants completely free and supplied each of them drugs. – At the time of cholera, as the county doctor, alone, without aides, servicing 25 villages. – He performed heroic journey to the island of Sakhalin,

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