Antogo-Mali, a unique ritual fishing

Antogo-Mali, a unique ritual fishing

U foothills Mali is a village called Bamba.Kada dry season reaches its peak in this place dries up all but one full of grand sacred lake where fishing is strictly forbidden except in time rituals. Every year the spectacle takes place worthy of attention-an ancient fishing ritual called Antogo in which hundreds of people simultaneously jumped into the lake to catch as many fish with my bare hands .Ova “craziest fishing in the world” takes only 15 minutes, and the tension in the moment is huge. on the day Antogo rituals of the lake, the old, the young, children from surrounding villages armed with a hand-made tools and baskets move in the fish hunt .Women must not participate in the ritual because they are considered unclean because of periods. Suddenly hundreds of men jumped into the lake grabbing all they can.About 15 minutes later, a gunshot marks the end rituala. All the fish are given the oldest member who catches disposition of the villages involved in the fish hunt probably the craziest in the world.

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