America Unmasked – 32


The importance of the pandemic, which began in January 2020, was the response of various nations.   The United States and Brazil, for example,  called it the ‘corny flu’  or a ‘sniffle’  and lessened the impact.

This is why America has the highest rate of infection in the world,  twenty eight million cases,  with nearly five hundred thousand deths and Brazil has nearly ten million cases and over two hundred and fifty thousand deaths.

China, for example, has Eighty Nine Thousand cases  and four thousand six hundred deaths.

Considering the population of the United States is 328 Million and that of China is 1.3 Billion  the failure of America to contain or control Covid 19 is obvious. 

 The election of Trump and his dismantling of various organisations, primarily those which deal with the environment and health, cleared the path for the pandemic.

 It is more likely a person will catch Corvid-19 and die in Washington D.C. than in Wilmsted (Curacao) or Windhoek (Namibia).


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