America Unmasked – 26

For most nations, Trump is America unmasked.  America as it really is, sans the ‘politically correct’ opinions.  America as racist and phobic as it really is.

No longer is clever rhetoric utilised to mask, no more is there any pretense that America considers the people who live in other countries as human.

Those in Africa and Asia and South America are considered inferior beings.  They are to either obey their ‘Massa’  or suffer a whipping or lynching.

America need not fulfill any agreement made with inferiors.  Only if there is something significant to get need America behave with decorum.  

Over the decades America has usually, (save under Wilson) hidden their rabid racism.   Trump had  no need to hide it nor do his supporters.

For the rest of the world, the ‘false advertising’ has ended.


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Written by jaylar

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