America Unmasked – 26

The only thing that matters in America is money.  Getting it, getting more of it, keeping it.  How it is gotten doesn’t matter.  For money is power.

As that great American; Jay Gould said;  “I can hire half the working class to kill the other half.”

The majority of Americans are so brainwashed that ‘trigger’ words can send them into mindless hate without pause for thought.

Free education is an anathema to the Rich who can toss $1M at a school to ensure their semi-literate child gets into a top university.

Free medical care is blasphemy, for how does one expect those drug barons to earn millions by selling their dangerous crap?

Using the trigger word…”Socialism”  is enough to have that blue collar worker fight against free education and free medical care with every drop of blood.

It doesn’t matter if one made their riches selling slaves, alcohol during prohibition, cocaine, as long as they can hide the truth, as long as they can bribe and trick and exploit without detection, they rule.   They rule and will be kept in power by the poor.

The poor will always vote against themselves.


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Written by jaylar

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