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I knew it when I first saw him. I didn’t have any doubts. Everything else that followed was just a formality, a technicality. But slowly, I started making room in my life for him, by making room in my heart for him.

My heart knew right away, because my soul recognized him right away. It was just a matter of convincing my brain that he would be something good for me; someone I truly needed in my life.

Every time I saw him after my initial meeting with him was happy, and wonderful. I felt I could tell him anything. That’s just how it was. I felt comfortable with him. I didn’t feel anxious, like I had to impress him. I didn’t feel scared, like I feared being rejected by him. I just felt happy; like he was all mine, and I was all his.

For all my life I wanted him, I just didn’t know it. Once he entered my life, I let him. I knew it was a done deal. I knew there was no escaping him. I knew I couldn’t run away. I didn’t want to. I just allowed him in my life. I allowed all the new feelings that I had to surface.

I didn’t understand them, exactly, I just allowed them to be. I realized he had been sending me signals all along. I just thought he was being nice, or friendly. I rationalized this at first. Then I thought he was being a flirt. But by the spring, I realized that he genuinely had feelings for me. All I had to do at that point, was tell him how I felt. So I did. It wasn’t easy for me, but soon, it will be his turn to tell me how he feels for me. All this time, that he has waited to tell me–will he be anxious?


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Written by Maria Ayala

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