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After Abuse – 25

Intellectual abuse is the main tool of a Boss from Hell.  Abusive Husbands also use it.   They try to make their wives feel stupid.

It works for a while, then flops because the Intellectual Abuser becomes  complacent.  

The wife, as the employee , catches the Abuser in some  stumble and then begins to uncover a number of fumbles.

As soon as the Abuser realises he erred and the error has been caught, he becomes insanely angry and will resort to greater Abuse.  

If one doesn’t betray she caught the gaffe, it goes better for the Victim.

Knowing your Boss is an idiot does give some enjoyment, but looking for another job and getting one, is the goal.

One of the things you must teach yourself to do is to NEVER betray that you know your Boss is an idiot or your husband is full of crap.   As long as you seem so stupid you don’t ‘get it’  the abuse does not intensify.


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