A Rainy Day

Happy All Saint’s Day this November first. I have always liked this day for this was the day that my oldest brother met the Lord in person. He was just 18 and set to graduate and enter the Navy until he died of a brain aneurysm. I just turned 13. I still miss him very much even today. He now has mom and dad again.

All Saint’s Day is the day after Halloween and a day of peace. I am not sure of all the details, but if I learned right this is when all the souls were raised from their graves and taken to heaven. It is a rainy, drab gray day with heavy showers here in Central Louisiana and I am watching Halloween (Twenty years later) or H20 as it seemed to be known.  I really liked the very first one and this one is actually scarier than the first one.  I watched the previous sequels and they just me sick with all the gore.  This one there was a story like the first one. I will not go into the story for we all know the basic storyline.

Rainy days-

in November

are days that

make one want

to be quiet and


Watching the leaves

fall to a soggy ground.

Chores are completed

outside, but looking still.

A day to realize that there

will be more sunny days to

COME along with, yes, more

rainy days.

Days of seeing the perspective

in how we live our lives.


What do you think?


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