Wrong Choices – 20

When Matt, her beloved Matt,  married and went off on his honeymoon, Abbey cried.  She cried to make herself sick.

Why hadn’t she changed her name?  Why hadn’t she called the police and have them take her crazy brother away… why did she even admit he was her brother?

So totally humiliated, her presence at the office a disruption, she was transferred elsewhere.   Thinking she could have that new life, she  went out to find someone to take the edge off.  

She thought there would be someone in her future.

Baron was gone because of her mother, Matt because of her brother. But there had to be someone…

had to be someone she could love who could love her….

There wasn’t.

Two lost loves and a battalion of males who took the edge off, and nothing more.

Nothing more.


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Written by jaylar

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