Wrong Choices – 19

Abbey’s beloved Matt had been in the office when her crazy brother, Eric burst in.    He had stood at a distance, as had everyone else.

After she’d left with Eric, she thought Matt would call or stop by.  He didn’t.

Abbey was absent for a week, and when she returned to work, Matt had moved on.  He was dating someone who didn’t have crazy relatives.

When Abbey tried to speak to him, he was rather sharp;

  “I can’t deal with aberrations.  I suggest you find someone who can.”

And walked away from her as if  a pile of cow flop.

Abbey assumed  Matt would calm down, reconsider, become available, they could start again.  That didn’t happen.  He married that someone who didn’t have crazy relatives..

 Many co-workers were invited to Matt’s wedding, but Abbey wasn’t.


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Written by jaylar

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