Wrong Choices – 16

Abbey expected Baron to return.  She had her explanation and apology ready.   But Baron didn’t return. Baron left.  He left the job, the apartment, maybe the city, and left no forwarding address. 

 He was just gone.

And to emphasise Abbey’s errors,  Lunatic Lucy who caused all the confusion and damage,  just disappeared from the program and the city.  

All her efforts had been in vain.  

If she thought Baron would come back or call her and she’d have time to explain and work it through… that didn’t happen.

Abbey cried her guts out, then, and now.  Now, remembering Baron.  Remembering how wonderful he had been  

She tried to recall exactly what she had said to him, how she said it.  But it didn’t matter.  He had seen enough, he had heard enough, and he left.


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Written by jaylar

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