Why You Need To Meet The Family – 2

Too often one falls in love with an image.   This is common.  

 People are in that age range, they want a partner.  They make themselves appear to be the best they can be.  They are on their best behaviour.

They fall in love and try to be everything that person wants.  They put aside a lot of their ‘self’ to adopt this new person who is everything they want to be.

You meet someone, they dazzle you, and you think this is who they are and this is who they will be ten, twenty, thirty years in the future.

In many cases, this is not going to happen.

And because in ten years the beauty queen is fat and boring, and the athlete lives on the sofa, the marriage is over.

For this isn’t the person you married.

But who is the person you married?

You need to meet the family for the answer.


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