When the Cold War Ended – 9

During the Cold War people constantly watched news broadcasts on television, listened to them on the radio.  When the news came on, people would tell others to be quiet, because the voice of the news reader on the radio, the images of the events on television, took priority.

It may be near to impossible for a person who was not alive during the Cold War to comprehend how important it was to hear the latest news, then.

At the end of the Cold War, the ‘news’ became less important.  People might switch on the news out of habit, but it no longer took priority.

Even the presentation of News lost value.

The BBC World Service, for example, ceased running news all day, ceased its standard presentation. The BBC, (which laughingly calls itself ‘The World’s Radio Station’, now snips news to 6 minutes every hour, 2 minutes every half hour.   The remaining time with meaningless dribble.  

For the public prefers meaningless dribble to current events.

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