When the Cold War Ended – 26

When the Internet first became available, one had to know how to connect, what to do once connected, how to find sites.

Those who entered Cyber Space in the late 80s, early 90s did not just ‘point and click’.

1995 Windows made it simple for anyone to connect, to find sites, without knowing a single thing about computers.

A good analogy is a ‘self driving car.’

Where one would have to learn how to drive, learn the road code, get some experience on operation, anyone can use a self driving car.

One need not know what a clutch or brake or gear changer is.  The car can be driven from here to the supermarket by simply entering the address.

Just as in the ancient days one had to know about C prompt and autoexec.bat  today one needs to know nothing, simply push the on button, and the computer does the work.


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