When the Cold War Ended – 22

The Baby Boomers are grandparents today.  Their Children are slightly aware of reality.  Their Grand Children don’t have the capacity to think for themselves.

During the Cold War, children were to be independent, strong, free range, able to exercise judgement. The children of the Me Generation may have gotten opportunity to be free, but their children are penned in, not allowed to be unsupervised.

Their children, the grandchildren, are locked into houses, captured by computers or smart phones. They attend schools which limit their education.   The goal is to have easily led mindless clones who do not think for themselves.

During the Cold War people tried to learn as much as they could.  They were exposed to reality to learn judgement.  They saw things, felt them.  Schools demanded research, so kids had to learn how to use a library.   

Things were changing, and those ‘Boomers’  had to teach themselves.

This became to change  in  the 70s  and  80s so that from the 90s and onwards,  the  Internet is not used for learning.   It is used for mind control. 


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