When the Cold War Ended – 11

In the 50s into the 60s, health was important.  As time passed,  the need for the ‘Best and Brightest’ waned.  This made  having an unhealthy population  virtually mandatory.

A population, over weight, and suffering all sorts of diseases, (some real, some invented), which does not have the stamina or ability to focus on much beyond themselves.

With the insertion of  so many imaginary mental issues, people  self brain wash.  So captured by this ‘naval contemplation’  they have neither the time, nor interest, nor ability  to question.

As the average I.Q. descended, few voices were raised against injustice, against the wars, against corruption.

Despite having internet connection, being able to get more  information than ever in history, the majority are simply not interested in much beyond their physical pleasure.


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