What is for Dinner? … Pizza and Lomi (Last Night’s Dinner)

(I wasn’t able to post this the other night… so here it goes.)

It was a random day as me and my friends decided to eat on our usual and favorite hang out place, a snack bar. The place we went to is ‘Mang Mac’s’. It was a round the corner, small snack bar near the university.

The place has a number of foods in the menu, such as Pizza, Pancit, Chicken Meals, and some meals native to our country. The main and most popular in the menu of that place is their pizza.

Their pizza is not the usual pizza with red sauce and cheese on top. They use sweetened cream and the crust is thin. We ordered the ‘Mang Mac’s Overload Pizza’, together with Lomi. Lomi is a kind of noodle soup using  egg noodles. The base of the soup is pork or beef broth. It composed of vegetables, such as carrots and cabbage, egg and pork.

It was an unusual combination, I should say. But it turns out fine and the lomi complements the pizza. It was a really delicious meal.


What do you think?

Written by ReignRenRen