Whackamolie – 2

For Whackamolie to claim she is crying because of some ‘vibe’  is the tip of the whackberg.  

Here is a woman who bounced from one place to another, ruined every chance she ever had.

To survive, she lies about everything.

If you say you went to Yale she’ll claim she also attended but left before getting her degree.

If you talk about a debating competition she’ll claim she was on the team but dropped out.

No matter what you say, she matches you.

You know she’s lying.  It is so obvious.  But to dare to contradict her will set her off on a long repetitious diatribe going on and on.

This is way her ‘boyfriend’ doesn’t talk to her or at her.  This is why the only person she’s been seen to talk to is as certifiable as she is.


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Written by jaylar

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