Wash Belly – 73

Colin left his mother’s grave side, feeling anger, resentment. He reflected on the old pain her supplanting of him had caused when he was a boy.

He recalled how much it hurt when Miranda loved Keith and Joey more than she loved him.  When she put them first.

He had carried that pain every day of his life.   

Yes, his mother loved her grandsons more than her son, yet, where were her beloved Keith and Joey when she had to go for chemotherapy?

They never came to New York to visit her.   He told them she was sick, and they said they were sorry to hear it.

They never paid the taxes on the house.  They didn’t even know about the mortgage that had been granted by the bank for which he stood surety.

They had abandoned her, which Colin had expected.   Yes.  He had.


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Written by jaylar

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