Wash Belly – 72

Colin left Court and drove to the cemetery to stand at Miranda’s grave.  He had to tell her what had happened.  The pain was there.   The pain he had carried since he was six years old.

Forcing the words he spoke about  how her beloved grandsons claimed unawareness of her condition.  How was that possible?  He asked.

He reviewed how they had stood, giving evidence, claiming what a ‘Great Mother’ she was, being poked here and there with facts.  How his attorney had  cross examining Keith and then Joey, asking how was  it possible they could proclaim she was a ‘Great Mother’  to all and sundry yet,  were totally oblivious of her condition?

Actions speak louder than words.   And Keith and Joey’s inaction spoke volumes.

Colin told his Mother:

“During the years of your illness, Mama,  not once did they journey to New York, nor send a cent  for your care. “

He let that sink in before adding;  “Nor did they pay one cent  for taxes on the house or the mortgage.”

And angry now;  “But they, your beloved grandsons,  are  suing me, your son, Colin, for fraud.  How do you like that Mama?   Did you know that would happen?  Did you know how worthless and loveless they were?”



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