Wash Belly -71

Colin prepared for Court.  

He retained a good lawyer who was not pricey.   They’d gone over the facts more than once.  Whether Keith or Joey or both got a lawyer or lawyers, the facts would stand.

Firstly, Keith and Joey  ‘knew’ their grandmother was sick, but did nothing for her.  It was Colin who looked after her.  This was significant in that Colin was sure they’d repeat what a ‘great mother’ Miranda was.   The ‘Great Mother’ proclamation was something Colin had burnt into their brains.

Of course, Miranda was never a mother to them.   She was always working or sleeping.  She took them no where.  She never went to a PTA meeting or made them a birthday party.  And being the whiny brats they were, the slightest pinch would get their revelations.

Secondly, they ‘knew’ she had left property for them in her Will but did nothing to claim it.

That Colin had spent years fixing the property, (and saving the receipts) took a mortgage with his mother to pay the taxes, while Keith and Joey did nothing spoke for itself.

What Colin needed to prove is that Keith and Joey were unreliable and nothing they said could be believed.


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